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16th-Nov-2008 11:21 pm - FanArt
Fili, Orange thinking
I’m starting to infect the normal world with Hisoka-love! My friend, a great person, finally gave in to my ramblings and made me a present – a wonderful fanart!


It’s probably not very good to brag about it, but I’m just very-very happy!
And I’m probably going to x-pos
t it to hunterxhunter
16th-Oct-2008 10:27 pm - Ramble-ramvle-ramble!
New member, with idle ramblings, ignore me, reply with ramblings or coherent answers!  It's all fun!

So, main question is thus:  is there anyone around who's seen all the Hunter x Hunter musicals?  If so, which is the best one for amusing Hisoka-ness?  Found a site that had fansubs, but only has the monies for one, so, I was pondering which one to get. Mmm.  Hisoka.  Mmm.  Other question!  How much is he in the manga, from where GI Final leaves off?  Debating trying to grab the manga.  Hrmaharm.

Hisoka needs more love! <3
8th-Sep-2008 05:30 pm(no subject)
Now that I have found this delightful community, I think I will post some of the Hisokathings I have!

one: fanart!Collapse )
two: cosplay!Collapse )
three: icons!Collapse )

x-posted to hunterxhunter (with more not-hisoka-specific content there!)
9th-Sep-2008 12:10 am - Colored art.
Fili, Orange thinking
Well, this community sure needs some love (as does Hisoka!)

So, my small input – coloring art! Link to DA
Hope you all like it.
29th-Dec-2007 08:04 pm - Hisoka Icons
oh yeah
I'm here to pimp the icons I just made X)

Deep inside me I'd rather be the only one to use them (since I made them myself for my personal use), but it's not like Hisoka is mine so... if you like one, just grab it, k? XP You can modify them to your liking too (I'd actually prefer that)!!
29th-Jan-2007 05:32 pm - Manga or Anime?
QUESTION: Do you READ Hunter x Hunter (manga) or WATCH Hunter x Hunter (anime)?

For the people who have experienced both: do you like Hisoka best from the manga or the anime?

Personnaly, I'm reading the manga...


X3 ~♥
2nd-Sep-2006 02:09 pm - Pic post
Omg, I nearly forgot to post this here!! Not quite work safe, so I'll post it behind a cut.

Pictures inside (not quite work safe)Collapse )

Drawing is fun ;)
30th-Jul-2006 03:06 pm - Annoying...
This is very random, but has anyone noticed that practically all the Hiso-Hiso fics out there are yaoi? I mean, I don't mind it. Infact, my favorite HxH pairing is HisoxIllu, but still. Can anyone link me to a GOOD Hisoka fic, that's NOT romance?
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