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15th-Jun-2005 05:11 am - looks like animated hisoka icon
evil dead

hello-o-o... anybody home?..

i'm posting it here just because the thought of wasting 2 hours on making this is killing me...
i want someone to pat me on the shoulder and say "God, this one is really ugly, good job". heh...
well, *scratching her head* try to enjoy it, anyway.

26th-Mar-2005 05:31 pm - Hisoka
Okay, Hunter x Hunter 19 just got out in manga, read i just today, Hisoka wasn't in it, and now I NEED MY FIX.

Please post anything Hisoka related here...? Thank you ;_;
23rd-Jan-2005 09:31 pm(no subject)
Um... I always get in trouble with simple things... -_- There are some troubles with browser now. So I'll post links on pictures. http://img.lj.com.ua/sumeragisama/Hisoka_card.jpg http://img.lj.com.ua/sumeragisama/hisoka_3.jpg Enjoy. ^^"""
22nd-Jan-2005 07:32 pm(no subject)
chibi lavi
Hi everyone! I'm planning on making a Hisoka costume for several cons this summer, but I'm having trouble finding full-body shots of his second outfit. (Red hair, black shirt, etc.) Can anyone point me toward some good screencaps? I'd appreciate it muchly!
17th-Jan-2005 09:48 pm - Hello~
Default lips.
Hey. I just joined the community. :'D < /obviouskinda>
But I'm so happy to see Hisoka fans. D: I always felt that he was underrated. Poor guy. Dx

And, I wondered if anyone's been to http://www.bishounens.com/hisoka/index.htm before? :'D
11th-Jan-2005 04:02 pm(no subject)


Spesial for community. Hope you'll like it.

11th-Jan-2005 09:09 am(no subject)
boat by virginia_bell
Does anyone have that pic where Hisoka was in the shower? *drools*
(the one where Machi was waiting in his room for him?)

I'm dying to get my hands on that pic.
20th-Dec-2004 06:16 pm(no subject)
Hello, I'm new to this community and I just wanna say that I looooove Hisoka Kurosaki toonss, I mean just look at those big cutesey green eyes and... okay okay, just kidding, don't hit me. :D (I do like him but felt like joking with you after reading the community-info. D:)

uh yeah, I love Hunter x Hunter, though last time I watched it was a few years back, that is if you don't count the single episode I just got meself to watch yesterday, which by the way got me back into the HxH crazyness. I thought I was over this series years ago but looks like I'm not. Fav characters are without doubt Hisoka(of course) and widdle Gon(You betcha!) so I thought joining this community would be a great way of sharing my love for them, might even post fan art here in the future if ever the chance comes around for me to make some. :]
1st-Nov-2004 06:03 pm - Looking for Betas
I'm currently working on a 'Planned' Mult-Chaptered Fic in which I'll be needing Betas. There is no Plot on my story yet because I'm still working on its earlier parts, but I will have a plot eventually.

It is AU, contains Yaoi and a typical 'in-School' setting.

Requirements are easy:
To start off, 0. Must know Hunter x Hunter. -___-;;;
1. Must be open-minded to a. Yaoi and in any pairing, b. any plot types
2. Easy to contact / Online a lot (So it would be easy to have my story beta'd)
3. Can give a lot of plot recommendations and can do an extensive grammar check. (A real critique and not flamer)
4. Can respond quickly.

Anyone who is interested will please e-mail me at icalat28@gmail.com or reply to this comment [include on how I shall contact you]! Thanks a lot!!

Comment for any other questions and such.
(X-posted around -Sorry!-)
4th-Oct-2004 01:14 am(no subject)
The Dark Knight by leighlei
Just thought I'd post. Hisoka in musicals = <3

Have pics if anyone wants them.

Made my icon too. And my banner.
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