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16th-Oct-2008 10:27 pm
New member, with idle ramblings, ignore me, reply with ramblings or coherent answers!  It's all fun!

So, main question is thus:  is there anyone around who's seen all the Hunter x Hunter musicals?  If so, which is the best one for amusing Hisoka-ness?  Found a site that had fansubs, but only has the monies for one, so, I was pondering which one to get. Mmm.  Hisoka.  Mmm.  Other question!  How much is he in the manga, from where GI Final leaves off?  Debating trying to grab the manga.  Hrmaharm.

Hisoka needs more love! <3
17th-Oct-2008 09:54 pm (UTC)
Yes. Okay. Caught up again.

I STILL HAVE HOPE THAT HISOKA WILL BE BACK. Togashi just has to get himself out of this current arc -- it doesn't really seem like anyone, including him, is enjoying it all that much. XD
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